“On the implementation of the software product” Tamga KIT/2010 “

It turned out the decision of the Committee on Education, Science, Culture, information and religious policies of the Jogorku Kenesh on “The introduction of software product” Tamga KIT/2010 “ More information about the solution can read here – “On theimplementation of the software product” Tamga KIT/2010 “

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 04.07.2011

Program Tamga-KIT ORFO said diploma for the contribution to the development of the national media.

Media Support Center has awarded the author Tamga ORFO KIT -Chodoeva Ruslan diploma “For contributions to the national media” Quote from the site of the center: Nomination “For contributions to the national media”: Ruslan Chodo, the author of TAMGAS KIT ORFO Honored special diploma received by the program TAMGA KITORFO Ruslan Chodo in the nomination “For contribution to thenational media.” A talented programmer created a program thatfacilitated the work of producing the editors kyrgyzskoyazychnoyprinting press. It may be added to the program successfully used bydepartments and official organizations. Fully article can be read here . -

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 14.05.2011

Plug-in spell checker for OpenOffice Updated

Updated version for Win32. Now the dictionary and spelling checker, and the same for OpenOffice and MS Office. Adding new words and changes in the dictionary will be updated automatically for both systems. The update can be downloaded from this site.

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 04.04.2011

Plug-ins for InDesign CS3 and CS4 updated.

After correcting some errors updated plug-ins for 3rd and 4th versions of Adobe InDesign. Now the soft and forced transfer is carried out correctly. Also “correctly” takes some of the paired words with a hyphen.

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 24.02.2011

Built and moved to the site in kg zone.

Finally it appeared in the KG site area. Thanks to a good man moved the site from on this site. In this site, you can not only download necessary software but also to leave comments, suggestions, etc.. 

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 15.02.2011

Developed a plug-in (Plug-in) spell checking and hyphenation Kyrgyz language for Adobe ® InDesign ® CS3, CS4 and CS5.

- Thanks to the support “HEF Media Support Center»(« Freedom House ») appeared plugin which allows you to automatically check spelling and transfer words on the rules of transfer of the Kyrgyz language in the edited document InDesigna. The plugin is free to all comers. This plugin can be downloaded from our site.

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 01.09.2010

Has released new version KyrSpell 2.0

- Now in version KyrSpell 2.0 is a thesaurus of the Kyrgyz language (dictionary of synonyms, antonyms and related words). Thesaurus for the Kyrgyz language is called in the program in MS Office as well as for English or Russian (through Shift + F7). The dictionary contains approximately 20 thousand unrelated words (synonyms, antonyms and […]

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 01.11.2009

Added new programs

- Added a version of the spell checker for OpenOffice 2. Now check the spelling of the Kyrgyz language appeared to OpenOffice. Verification is carried out as for any other language. Algorithm for checking and dictionaries are identical to version MS Office.

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 25.02.2009

Update KyrSpell

- fixed error occurred while checking spelling in the program MS PowerPoint 2003. When you run the spelling checker in PowerPoint it hung out for errors in spelling checker.

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 18.03.2007

Update KyrSpell

- Changed search algorithm options. Now the search options become much faster due to the use of a table of possible replacements of characters as well as the list of probable symbols between 2 letters in the word at the beginning and end of words. – Fixed bug occurring when the user has limited access […]

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 14.02.2007