Kyrgyz spelling for Office 2016 and above.

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 02.10.2019

Due to the fact that Microcoft has changed the way to connect third-party spell-checking solutions, there is currently no way to connect KyrSpell 2.3 to MS Office 2016 and higher.

Therefore, I propose for the version of the office 2016 and above to download from the Microsoft website spelling checks of the Kyrgyz language created by Microsoft itself.

Here is the link to download from the site – Microsoft – //

Only when downloading you need to take into account the version of MS Office that you have installed 32 bit or 64 bit.
There are 2 files:

proofingtools2016_ky-kg-x64.exe 64 bit office
proofingtools2016_ky-kg-x86.exe 32 bit office.

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