Frequently Asked Questions

Why, after installing the program, Word does not check for spelling errors?

Check whether installed language of the text? Word 2000 and above language of the text should be – Kyrgyzstan. Word 97 for language Serbian (Cyrillic). If this does not help check your settings MS WORD, can there disabled the automatic spell checker. And also check the program folder KyrSpell (default is C: \ Programm Files \ TamgaSoft \ KyrSpell Home Edition) is the module files and Mssp3ky.dll dictionary Mssp3ky.lex? and also check the registry is the way – [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Shared Tools \ Proofing Tools \ Spelling \ 1088 \ Normal) where the 1088 – a language code, in this case – Kyrgyzstan. Word 97 – the code is 3098 – Serbian language. In this branch should be 2 variables.
Engine – The path to the module (dll file) Spelling
Dictionary – The path to the main dictionary (lex file).
They must specify the correct path to the module and a dictionary. If all else fails, try reinstalling the program.

When you check spelling in the Kyrgyz language, the program displays the correct words as incorrect?

Such a situation might be. This means that the word is not in the main dictionary, or is that the words are printed in English letters. If not in the dictionary that you can send these words to my mailbox in the next versions of these words must be included in the main dictionary. And while you can add this word to the custom dictionary.

When you run the spell check I get a message that access to a dictionary is not, the dictionary is not loaded!

Apparently you do not have access to the program folder (usually C: \ Programm Files \ TamgaSoft \ KyrSpell Home Edition, or C: \ Programm Files \ TamgaSoft \ KyrSpell Pro) which is a dictionary. You need to add full rights user to this folder.