Вышла новая версия KyrSpell 2.2 которая поддерживает MS Office 2013.

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 23.04.2013

(Русский) Больше 2000 пользователей уже скачали программу KyrSpell 2.0


Автор: Руслан Чодоев 05.11.2012

Created Plug-in spell checking and hyphenation for Kyrgyz language for Adobe InDesign CS6.

According to numerous requests from users who have already switched to the new version – InDesign CS6 created a plugin for this version. Install the plugin as well as for previous versions. Download and use for free on health. Снимок экрана InDesign CS6 в режиме проверки орфографии текстов на кыргызском языке TamgaSoft inc. 2012.

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 01.11.2012

Started a mobile version of the online dictionary of “El-Sozdүk” (Эл-Сөздүк)

Так как многие пользователи заходят на сайт онлайн словаря  “Эл-Сөздүк” через мобильные устройства было решено создать мобильную версию словаря. В мобильная версии является облегченая версия десктопной версии – нет лишней информации, рекламы, рисунков итд.

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 24.10.2012

(Русский) Плагин переноса кыргызского языка для InDesign подходит и для узбекского языка на 90%


Автор: Руслан Чодоев 27.09.2012

Added a new dictionary – Encyclopedia – “Энциклопедия – “Аалам-Манастын музыкасы” to the system of “Эл-Сөздүк” ®

The dictionary contains encyclopedic information about characters and events in the epic “Manas”. Into electronic dictionary translated until the first volume of the encyclopedia. Words and information about the dictionary –  Энциклопедия – “Аалам-Манастын музыкасы” (kg-kg) can on the online dictionary.

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 26.09.2012

Added new Kyrgyz words to the spelling dictionary of KyrSpell 2.0

Added approximately 2000 new words in the main spelling dictionary program KyrSpell 2.0. Now, the system contains about 32,000 words and lexical units. Also added some additional word forms that were previously not available in the system. Now the spelling dictionary is used in the system will be replenished each month. In addition to the […]

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 30.07.2012

Updated plug-in spell checker and hyphenation service for the Kyrgyz language for Adobe InDesign CS5

After correcting some mistakes updated plug-ins for the 5th version of Adobe InDesign. Now soft and forced hyphenation is correct. It is also “correct” carries some paired words with a hyphen. Download and use free!!!

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 11.05.2012

1,000 users have already downloaded the program KyrSpell 2.0

Today, April 10, 2012 1000 users have downloaded the program KyrSpell 2.0 – Spell Checking Kyrgyz language for MS Office 97-2010 This means that today the 1000 instance of the program is the guardian of spelling texts in the Kirghiz language.

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 10.04.2012

Started testing of on-line dictionary Kyrgyz language

Started testing of or Further, when will all of the site will move to a single portal.

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 10.11.2011