Language pack for MS Office 2007 for the Kyrgyz language from Microsoft

Language pack Kyrgyz language for MS Office 2007 from Microsoft Language pack is specifically designed for the Kyrgyz language. After installing the settings of MS Office 2007 add the language “Kyrgyz”, after switching to a weight that office interface changes to the Kyrgyz language. In addition to changing the interface is added to spell check […]

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 18.01.2011

Developed a plug-in (Plug-in) spell checking and hyphenation Kyrgyz language for Adobe ® InDesign ® CS3, CS4 and CS5.

- Thanks to the support “HEF Media Support Center»(« Freedom House ») appeared plugin which allows you to automatically check spelling and transfer words on the rules of transfer of the Kyrgyz language in the edited document InDesigna. The plugin is free to all comers. This plugin can be downloaded from our site.

Автор: Руслан Чодоев 01.09.2010