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To search for the desired word:
  • Select a search translation direction. For example Kyrgyz-Russian
  • Type a word in the search field and click on the "Translate" button.
  • Select a search translation direction. For example Russian-Kyrgyz
  • Type the beginning of a word. For example, "game"
  • In the list of words that appears at the bottom right, find the word you want and click on it with the mouse. The result of the translation will appear immediately.

You can also install the El-Sozduk extension for the Chrome browser :
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Our other services:
Morphological analysis for kyrgyz language Morphological analysisAllows you to get word forms, declensions, synonyms or antonyms of Kyrgyz words.
Translation is required. Translation is required. If you need to translate a word, phrase or small text, you can write it to our service. Other users will help you translate. We also invite those who know the translation or have already translated these phrases / words into this service to add their own version of the translation.
On-line spelling On-line spelling - You can check the text for spelling errors or check the spelling of a single word in the spelling dictionary of Karasaev.
Kyrgyz proverbs and sayings Kyrgyz proverbs and sayings -and their literal translations in Russian. You can also get equivalents of proverbs in Russian. Source of Proverbs - "Beauty of Speech - Proverbs” Proverbs and sayings of the Kyrgyz people from the collection of Academician K.K. Yudakhin

This project was created and supported jointly by Bizdin Muras PF and TamgaSoft.kg.
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